BeerCamp at Critical Mass hosts Patrick and Sarah

Patrick and I went to Critical Mass on Friday to see how they run their BeerCamp. I was really impressed with the turnout! Super happy to see that many people on a Friday afternoon (they run a BeerCamp on the first Friday of every month).

They ran three tracks, with a schedule posted on each door. I started my afternoon off by listening/watching a Critical Mass group of Rock Band. They rocked a couple of tunes on HARD, which was pretty impressive. I gotta say though, that was the tamest Rock Band Session I’ve ever seen…

Second session, I went to an overview on Amazon Web Services given by Devlin Dunsmore and Mike Tighe. We’re so Web2.0 focused in my office, it was interesting to hear an explanation on EC2 and S3 for people who don’t sleep with their laptops. Devlin and Mike did a great job.

I then went to listen to Christian Idicula, a regular DemoCamp/BarCamp attendee. He talked about the website he made for Don Iveson. He explained the thought process behind creating the website and the different tools they used during Don Iveson’s campaign.

The last session I attended was Mike Tighe, again, talking about Keywords (yay!), while Patrick gave a talk about his experiences in another session.

One thing I really liked about about the set up at Critical Mass was the wide variety of topics. I would love for all of us to keep that in mind for the next BarCamp. Anything you want to give a talk on, throw it out there! I’d way rather hear something new and interesting over yet-another-talk on How to Network. BeerCamp has definitely inspired me to invite anyone interesting that I know and not just limit myself to the Tech community.

Thanks again to Critical Mass for inviting us to join you!

  • Michael Tighe

    It was awesome to have you come down, I noticed that you Googled me to find my site ;)

    With regards to the Amazon Web Services portion, don’t be fooled, Devlin infact does sleep with his laptop.

    I’d love to come out to the next BarCamp!


  • Christian Idicula

    Thanks for the plug, Sarah! Glad you could join us. Next time I promise I’ll get up there with the Rock Band and show them how to really play (even though I’m really not that good at it).

    BTW, noticed there’s a small typo. Don Iveson’s site is available at

  • Sarah Blue

    @Christian – Doh! I’m an idiot. Fixed!

    @Michael Tighe – DemoCamp next Tuesday at the Critical Mass office :) Also, I tried to find anything for Devlin, if he has a website, can you get him to post it in the comments here? I googled and don’t think this has anything to do with him…