DCC17 Video and Summary

DemoCampCalgary17 (2010-04-27) has wrapped! And while Mr. Torvalds was unable to get his “cell processor universe simulator” to run due to his friend Ballmer accidentally updating the PS3 to firmware 3.21, we were still able to enjoy 5 exciting tech demos!

DemoCampCalgary17 in the back

And did we all huddle around a tiny little laptop monitor? Squinting? Jostling for the merest glimpse of fresh new software? No, we only had to gaze upwards, upon the fancy new video projection screen paid for by Microsoft (via John Bristowe, who was MIA and therefore unable to appreciate it’s beauty). Hey, say what you want about Microsoft, at least they don’t sell you a game console featuring Linux compatibility, then retroactively drop the feature a year later with a machine crippling firmware update. Can I sell stuff, then take it back too? No? …shoot.

David Gluzman was on-hand, snapping photos which he then tagged democampcalgary17 and uploaded to Flickr. See, there’s a right way to do something, and there’s a wrong way. Properly tagging photos and uploading at high resolution is the right way. Making a customer choose between online gamplay and running Ubuntu on their PS3 after bragging about the feature as a selling point over the X-Box 360 is the wrong way.

Looking back, DemoCampCalgary has come quite a ways… out first DemoCamp was held back in April of 2007 at University of Calgary. That was only 2 years after SONY shipped CDs infected with rootkits to their paying customers in 2005! Ah, the memories. I’d almost forgotten!

Here’s hoping we’ll see you at DCC18, in approximately 2 months time.

If anyone wants to use DemoCamp footage to promote their product, I’d suggest either grabbing the high quality render from Internet Archive, or checking out YouTube’s “start” parameter for embeds, or “t” parameter for hyperlinks.

There’s nothing sadder then a losing video quality for no good reason. Except maybe a puppy with 3 legs. Or a PS3 without Linux.

  • http://www.lor.vc Patrick Lor

    Gord, this is awesome – great work!!

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  • Ronald Domes

    Hi Gord,

    If I recall my ‘not just iphones’ comment was in reference to the iPads that we were privileged to have in the room.


  • Ronald Domes

    This is an excellent production, Gord. Fantastic work!