DemoCamp19 – we’re shaking things up a bit!

Prepare to have your minds blown. Or…you know…just to learn the details of DemoCamp 19.

Where: Melrose Cafe and Bar – 7th St and 17th Ave SW

When: January 12, 6:30pm

What: We’re going casual this time. Come and meet your DemoCamp friends for beers and chats. We’ll do a couple announcements, then those interested in Demo’ing or presenting will be set up at tables around Melrose.

Why the change in format: It seems this month, we have a couple of groups that need help to make their dreams come true. This format seems more conducive to interacting and mingling. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, drinking some beers and catching up!

What you need to do: If you’re interested in Demo’ing, bring your laptop, some info and of course, your business cards! Remember to tell people what you are trying to accomplish and what you need help with. Please avoid gross sales pitches (if you think we’re not above making you buy a round if we catch you doing this, you are wrong). If you’re interested in drinking, bring a friend and introduce them to some new people.

Can’t wait to see everyone,

The DemoCamp Crew

  • Jeanne Kwong

    Hi Folks,

    Here’s a message I just sent to Sarah.

    Hello Sarah,

    I sent an e-mail before the start of the new year. Hope you are doing well.The Open Data group of Civic Camp is seeking to open up our network in finding resources
    and expertise in creating processes and tools that would make life better for fellow Calgarians when it comes to open communication with the municipal government

    and its many departments and services. This encompasses many aspects of daily life such as garbage pick-ip and recycling, road use, urban planning and development,

    and encouraging participation in civic life such as volunteering for youth and seniors programs.

    We are challenging ourselves and people around us to find creative solutions, as well as do the hard work to enable ordinary citizens, such as myself and people

    in my neighbourhood and various communities across the city to put on a hard hat and shovel, metaphorically and literally speaking
    … If for instance a community group wants to build and maintain a playground, for example, would you be able to bring together all

    the different information that they would require from the city and make it usable for kids and grannies and everyone in between?
    I think I just wrote our presentation above. Just thinking of the possibilities for collaboration gets me excited

    and I we can generate enough excitement and inspiration that would bring people to the table, that would allow for sustainability and flexibility in our projects.

    Jeanne Kwong

  • Warren Wilkinson

    Hey, this democamp went really well. I wrote a blog post about it so that those who missed it can get a feel for who was there.

  • Mark Hlady

    Hey, when is the next Deomcamp? Are you still looking for a new establishment to host it in?