DCC21 Video & Summary

Calgary’s 21st DemoCamp took place at AcceleratorYYC.

00:40 Patrick Rosseau started us off with a BudToBud. An app for listening to music with friends with precise synchronization. A great way to discover new music, and a social way to enjoy it.
09:17 Brian Reimer of Matchloc showed their tool to match project owners to find vendors. (Matching employers with contract workers.)
19:28 Eric Anderson lamented poor communication between condo boards, property managers and their residents. Their solution: Community Point. Keep your condo residents informed, and save paper. Eric is looking for condo board members to help test the software.
29:10 Victoria, one of the directors of AccelerateYYC invited attendees to Startup Calgary’s Launch Party on Dec 1st at MRU.
29:55 Cam Linke invited Calgarians to attend Startup Edmonton, next event is on Nov 22nd.
30:48 Kory Arsenault mentioned Startup Drinks on last Wednesday of every month, often at District.
30:59 Devesh Dwivedi mentioned Startup Weekend which will happen Feb 3rd 2012.
31:55 Ben Reed pimped Robot Academy (sorry can’t find specific URL) and Calgary PROTOSPACE.
33:00 Then I pushed my way past Ben and Pat, grabbed the mic and demanded everyone who still owned a “Digital Versatile Disc player” take a copy of the PROTOSPACE documentary about thorium energy. The DVDs were all taken. No one got hurt.
33:10 Ben St. Pierre then started the demos back up again with Printlogix, a tool for automating the printing of marketing material. A sample business card was designed. However, Bed didn’t go so far as to click the “print” button, as he said that would launch a process in a remote printing facility and hundreds of unwanted cards would have arrived at AcceleratorYYC the next day.
42:16 Cam Linke took to the mic again, this time to demo Touch Metric’s iPhone app Surveyor 2. “Surveyor can help you quickly collect information from the important contacts that you meet at your events.”

In the past, we’ve been asked for demo footage when people want to host their own (isolated) copies of their demo.

Allow me to introduce you to (the relatively new feature): YouTube Video Editor! Which can remix existing (Creative Commons licensed) videos. Click through to the DCC21 YouTube landing page, expand the video description and click [Remix this video!].

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