DemoCamp Calgary 22 – Video

DemoCampYYC22 was held at Calgary’s Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a video summary for those that may have missed it:

00:26 Tom Short started us off with a kudos. Kudos is an in-house solution to increase employee engagement. No algae was shown.
14:35 Lloyed Lobo & Alex Popa showed Startup Gauge which placed them 2nd in Calgary Startup Weekend. Startup Gauge dismisses or validates by having users vote “Cash” or “Crash”. No algae was shown.
23:29 Christian Pekeler introduced Daily Child Care Report as a means for child care professionals to help track and communicate to parents how kids experienced their day. No algae was shown.
31:59 David Gluzman of BlackSquare with “The one hour experiment” recapped his experience using Drupal to create an internal web application in one hour Ignite presentation. No algae was shown.
34:36 Adrian Audet spoke about SFN BioSystems research in photo-bio-reactors for use in natural gas compression stations to reduce CO2 emissions.
46:54 Kevin Timms & Steve Bentley demoed QRZap. Using QRZap mobile web technology, QR Spaces facilitate the delivery of a number of different mobile interactions and rich experiences. No algae was shown.
55:21 Paul Thorsteinson demoed Anthm. Anthm is currently available for iOS devices, and allows those running the app to democratically control the playlist at a party. (Paul explained the social dynamics of having such a voting system available at an event are quite surprising.) No algae was shown.