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DemoCamp Calgary 22 – Video

DemoCampYYC22 was held at Calgary’s Chamber of Commerce. Here’s a video summary for those that may have missed it: 00:26 Tom Short started us off with a kudos. Kudos is an in-house solution to increase employee engagement. No algae was shown. 14:35 Lloyed Lobo & Alex Popa showed Startup Gauge which placed them 2nd in […]

DCC21 Video & Summary

Calgary’s 21st DemoCamp took place at AcceleratorYYC. 00:40 Patrick Rosseau started us off with a BudToBud. An app for listening to music with friends with precise synchronization. A great way to discover new music, and a social way to enjoy it. 09:17 Brian Reimer of Matchloc showed their tool to match project owners to find […]

DCC20 Video & Summary

Calgary’s 20th DemoCamp took place at Spur Gastropub. 00:24 Demetrio Navarro of iConnectivity started us off with a MIDI interface for iOS devices. It is CoreMIDI compliant, and has a variety of ports. 09:50 Don Chapman of Kent Imaging then tied an elastic band around his finger, and demonstrated a spectroscopy-based technology which could quickly […]

DCC17 Video and Summary

DemoCampCalgary17 (2010-04-27) has wrapped! And while Mr. Torvalds was unable to get his “cell processor universe simulator” to run due to his friend Ballmer accidentally updating the PS3 to firmware 3.21, we were still able to enjoy 5 exciting tech demos! And did we all huddle around a tiny little laptop monitor? Squinting? Jostling for […]

DCC15 Video and Summary

DemoCampCalgary15 (2009-10-27). Has it really been 6 months? Because it felt more like 6.5 months. 00:48 Adam Goetz from Karo needed a WordPress plugin to filter by related tags. They couldn’t find what they wanted, so they built their own. Related-Tag-Filter is open source and free. Someone owes someone a beer. 02:42 Are you a […]