BarCamp Calgary #2

Hey guys,

We’re going to hold another BarCamp on Saturday, June 14th! We’ve got some great space over at Mount Royal College, at the Bissett School of Business.

As it is summer, we won’t be going all day. We’re scheduled to run from 10:30 to 3:30. For anyone that’s interested, we can grab some drinks (and food if you are so inclined) after at Bass Brothers, which is a few short steps away.

Here’s a map to help you find it.

Parking: park in lot V1. there will be a cost ($2.50 per hour/$8 daily max)

We’re currently trying to figure out the best/easiest way to sign up. For now, submit a comment and say that you are coming (as well as if you have a topic you’d like to present/discuss).


The BarCamp Crew

Drama at DemoCamp!!

We have a saboteur – somebody out to destroy all the good things that DemoCampCalgary is trying to create. When the DemoCamp organizers showed up at Melrose on Tuesday night, the manager told us that someone had called to cancel the event booking. He told us that he didn’t have anyone to staff the room we were booked in, and there was a construction crew in there as well. After much consternation, they managed to get us into the second level, which wasn’t as ideal as the theatre on the lower level.

It was probably just a simple understanding, but wouldn’t life be more exciting if we really did have a mole in the midst? However, rest assured that having lived through that experience once, we don’t ever plan on letting it happen again. We’ll be calling in to confirm our reservations from here on in!

So, apologies to everyone for a less than optimal experience. Then again, there were lots of smiles and some great discussions in the crowd – could it have anything to do with the beverages?

After a late start, the audience of 50 or so attendees saw 4 company presentations and one special project presentation. First, the companies:

  • Mob4Hire: Paul Poutanen presented this crowdsourced platform for testing mobile applications. Participants from every region throughout the world are encouraged to register the model of their phone, their location, and their service provider. Developers of mobile applications can tap into the crowd and seek testing on specific phones in specific locales on specific carriers, or test their applications across the entire Mob4Hire network.
  • Aviary: I presented Aviary, an outrageously cool set of online design applications. Think Photoshop, Illustrator and 14 other applications, all of them working within your browser – no downloads required. The system tracks every version that is saved, and allows sharing of source files – allowing the community to collaborate on design projects with ease. Drop me a line if you’d like a beta invite.
  • Xtreme Technologies: Chris Becker presented the XLink, a cellular phone gateway that allows you to answer cellphone calls on your home phone. The device connects to your cellphone through bluetooth, and has an output jack that you plug your home phone system into. Calls to your cellphone will ring through to your home system whenever your cell is within bluetooth range of the XLink. It allows you to use all those unlimited evenings and weekends minutes while your cellphone is charging. If you’d like to try it out, go to their online store and type “barcamp” into the coupon code field for 20% off.
  • Ph03nixNewMedia: Jon Lam presented “Curse of the Pharoah”, a casual game which is currently hosted on Big Fish Games. It was an instant success, and Big Fish promptly ordered up two more titles.

Matt Beck, a student from the University of Calgary presented Alberta’s entry in the Solar Decathlon. Along with students from MRC and SAIT, the team is the first-ever Western Canadian team to gain entry into this international competition. They must compete in 10 separate contests, from designing and building a solar home, to creating enough energy to power an electric vehicle for a day. The competition will be held in Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2009.

DemoCampCalgary #9

Party Time!

DCC9 is just around the corner (this Tuesday) and this is your friendly reminder to get down to Melrose for 6:30pm. Where is Melrose you ask? Just off 17th ave (red mile territory) off the corner of 7th St SW. Also if you haven’t registered please do so.

Also for those keeners out there, we’ve started to twitter with the hash tag #DemoCampCalgary so if you want to get on with some craaaaazy twittering regarding DemoCampCalgary go nuts. :)

Who’s presenting? Will Madonna sing? Is someone having a party? Find out by coming down!

May 13th = DemoCamp!

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder to mark DemoCamp on your calendars for May.

Mark your calendars:

May 13th 6:30pmMay 13th 8:30pm, 2008 DemoCampCalgary 9– at Melrose Cafe & Bar – Calgary, AB

Sign up em-link[3:here].

Please let us know if you’d like to Demo anything. April’s DemoCamp was really great, so we’re looking forward to the next one.

Just a small heads up, this is six days before my 30th birthday, so if you feel compelled to bring gifts along, I’ll totally accept them.

Blue + BarCamp Crew

DemoCamp8 – a good time


Thanks for coming out to DemoCamp last night – we had an awesome time!

For a great review of the evening, check out Christian Idicula’s blog. There was a great turn out of people, many of them having never been to DemoCamp before. It was awesome chatting with some new people.

We enjoyed having DemoCamp at Melrose – although next time we’ll try and plan the seating a little better.

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback from last night, please let us know. Also, if you are interested in doing a Demo next month, drop us an email. Remember: you don’t need to be giving a pitch, we’re totally easy going. Come out and show us what you are up to!

David and Sarah