DemoCamp 8 only 2 weeks away

Hello everyone,

DemoCamp at Vicious Circle was so enjoyable, we’ve decided to keep up the drinking theme! April’s DemoCamp will be held at Melrose Cafe and Bar on 17th Ave and 7th St SW. The DemoCamp crew went and had a beer there under the guise of “making sure it’ll work” and I’m happy to report that the nachos are tasty. Bring your Demos, bring your questions, bring your appetites!

If anyone is interested in presenting, let us know right away.


Mark your calendars:

April 8th 6:30pmApril 8th 8:30pm, 2008 DemoCampCalgary 8– at Melrose Cafe & Bar – Calgary, AB

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DemoCampCalgary 7 Wrap Up

It was a packed house last night at Vicious Circle, where four intrepid companies demonstrated their wares on questionable A/V equipment and slow wi-fi while background music was emanating from the other side of the bar. And by all accounts, it was a huge hit. The casual atmosphere gave DemoCampers an opportunity to freely mix while enjoying the beverage of their choice, and we saw a lot of mixing going on. A majority of the attendees stuck around for an hour or two after the event, exchanging ideas, advice and business cards.

There are at least two reasons why you would attend a DemoCamp – the first one is to see the latest and greatest stuff from fellow technology entrepreneurs; the second one is to meet some interesting people with common interests and goals. Last night, we succeeded in both areas for many, if not all attendees. Be sure to give us your feedback, as the organizing committee continues to work on making these events even better!

Here’s a wrap up of the companies that presented last night:

Casey Pechet of IVOXX demonstrated the ultimate iPod accessory – it was a voice-recognition device that attaches to the back of an iPod. Still in prototype form, he first gave the command “play some stones” to the device – and a Rolling Stones song played. He gave it a command to “play some Led Zeppelin”, and it did. Then, he asked it to “play more like this”, and the device played a somewhat similar song. The final production version will also be able to accept commands such as “play something higher energy” or “play something slow”. This has huge implications for those of us who aren’t organized enough to categorize our music libraries. The device is slated for an August release, and will retail at $129 as an official “made for iPod”, Apple approved product.

Lino Ramirez of Aranducorp showed us what appeared to be an early build of a predictive analytics engine for charities. The product, when released, will help charities raise more money by helping them to predict and target those most sympathetic and generous to the cause.

Lorand Szojka of JIT Resources showed a customer site developed on their video streaming platform, which delivers private training and corporate messaging videos to enterprise clients.

To round out the evening, Matt Cox and Sarath Samarasekera demoed Shopster, which was described as a fully-networked retail e-commerce solution. For companies and individuals looking for an alternative to advertising-based revenues, Shopster offers a fully-customizable e-commerce store site template, complete with over 1,000,000 items in inventory.


Mark your calendars for the next event:

April 8th 6:30pmApril 8th 8:30pm, 2008
DemoCampCalgary 8– at Melrose Cafe & Bar – Calgary, AB

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DemoCampCalgary 7


Time flies.. And DemoCampCalgary 7 is quickly rounding the corner. This time around however we’re trying to give everyone a lot more notice. Along with that notice we’re now asking people to register to attend as our venues have limited capacity.

Please take a moment to register for DC7

We’ll be posting more about the presenters here in the near future, so stay tuned.

Microformat calendar for this event:

March 11, 2008 6:3010pmDemoCamp 7– at Vicious Circle, Calgary, AB

DemoCampCalgary Round 7, we are going less formal – now the whole thing includes beer!

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Update for DemoCamp (Tonight)

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are driving down tonight you will be able to park in the Critical Mass parking lot. It’s gated, but someone should be around to let you in.

Please try and make sure to show up around 6pm; you’ll have to sign in and head up to the 4th floor to catch the Demos.

See you then!